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Quality Guarantee

Vandinter Semo always strives for the very highest quality seed. Therefore, we inspect both incoming and outgoing seeds in our own laboratory. We do not hesitate to hire external bodies for approved audits and accreditations. Vandinter Semo has accreditations for different parts, the guarantee for which is done by the NAK (Dutch General Inspection Service), GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification and SKAL (organic control organisation) certification.


Customised seed in small quantities

Flexibility is one of the distinct added values of Vandinter Semo. On request, we can also produce small quantities of agricultural and horticultural seeds. In practice, this often concerns products of new varieties. Clients thereby rely on the distinctive expertise of Vandinter Semo.

The cultivation of spinach seed

Dutch breeders have a reputation when it comes to the cultivation of spinach seed. That is thanks to climate, soil characteristics, combating diseases and years of knowledge and expertise. Vandinter Semo is a valued partner for growers of spinach seed who want to take full advantage of this knowledge.


Innovative with oats

Vandinter Semo distinguishes itself by responding to changes in the market. Some call it innovative, at Vandinter Semo we call this a market- and customer-oriented approach. One of the ‘innovative’ priorities is the way in which we operate as a provider of gluten-free oats. For this purpose, we have developed a unique breeding programme and we process the oats using customized seed cleaning machines. The guarantee is 100% gluten-free.

Expansion of seed production acreage!

Vandinter Semo produces perennial ryegrass, fescue, Italian ryegrass and Westerwolds. Are you interested in the possibilities of seed production? Do not hesitate and contact one of our agriculturists. You can also call or email us at 0597 59 1233 /

The benefits of seed cultivation in your building plan?

* an attractive return
* requires no additional investment
* improves soil structure
* works very favourably for yield of succeeding crops
* fits well in crop rotation


Growers’ info

The Dutch cultivation achievements are known and famed throughout the world. We owe that to unique growing conditions, but also especially to the skill of the Dutch grower. That’s you! At Vandinter Semo we have a team of breeding experts at the ready to assist you as a grower. With a good dose of experience, with knowledge and with sincere commitment. Everything is geared towards optimizing the yield per hectare. Because you as a grower will also be better off.

Benefits for growers at Vandinter Semo

* professional cultivation support from our own cultivation experts;
* wide choice of crops;
* efficiently organized transport from grower to seed business;
* guaranteed sales/Vandinter Semo has no supplies of its own;
* continuation of seed cultivation.

Partnering with Inter Vandinter Semo? ATV-L and confidential committee

Vandinter Semo offers growers a secure propagating contract with settlement on the basis of predetermined prices. For all propagating agreements, the General Conditions shall apply for cultivation of pre-emptively purchased seeds of agricultural crops (‘ATV-L’ guidelines published by the Dutch Association for Trade in Agriculture Seeds). Furthermore, a confidential committee is expressly involved in the final settlement.