Leafy turnip/turnip At a glance

Leafy turnip/turnip is a traditional crop which can be cultivated both as a forage crop as well as a green manure. Night frost and even moderate frost are well tolerated. When sowing this crop in the stubble, it will no longer bloom. The feed value of leaf and petiole are high.

Leafy turnip can be cultivated as forage crop and as green manure. It is related to rape seed which has been specially selected for a rapid initial growth and a high leaf production. The crop can tolerate well any night frost and even moderate frost.

Provided it is sown in good time, leafy turnip can form a huge mass. Both for fodder production and for the contribution of organic matter, that is a valuable feature.

The feed value of leaf and petiole are high. When sown too early, the crop can, however, come into flower and form coarse stems which are harder to digest for livestock.