Fibre hemp May 7, 2016

Fibre hemp has long been a good addition to peat colonial crop rotation. Fertilization is sufficient in the form of organic manure. Fibre hemp provides an obvious soil improvement, thus providing successive crops such as sugar beets with a good start. The usual time of sowing fibre hemp is late April and early May, depending on soil temperature and moisture. The harvest takes place in the month of August with the cut stems lying in the fields for a few weeks to dry out. The final ‘straw’ is pressed into bales.

Vandinter Semo has for many years had a breeding programme for fibre hemp thanks to close cooperation with Wageningen University. The first variety to come out of this: Chameleon. An early variety with good fibre quality. Chameleon has recently been replaced by three new varieties: Markant, Marcello and Ivory.