Corn May 10, 2016

With the corn variety Mokka, Vandinter Semo has a middle-to-early forage corn variety in hand which is highly suitable for corn cultivation in central, eastern and southern Netherlands. On the variety list, Mokka scores the highest starch content (106) with a dry matter content of 35%. The VEM values (100) and dry matter yield (100) make Mokka a top variety on the variety list.

Mokka at a glance!

Mokka is the corn variety of Vandinter Semo which has now – in its 5th year of research – acquired a leading position on the variety list. The modest plant height (98) ensures a sturdy plant which nevertheless manages to guarantee a top yield. Mokka promises to become a top corn variety with a distinctive high starch content (106), a high dry matter yield (100) and a high VEM per kilogram of dry matter (100).