Yellow mustard At a glance

Yellow mustard (Sinapis alba) belongs to cruciferae, just like fodder radish. Most varieties at Vandinter Semo are resistant to beet cyst nematodes. Yellow mustard is a green manure for late sowing and provides good ground cover. In six weeks’ time, the soil is rooted through to about 70 cm. The optimal sowing time for Yellow mustard is from August to September. That is a little late for optimal control of beet cyst nematodes and the plant will have to be sown earlier. The plant freezes quickly.

Yellow mustard is host plant for the white and yellow beet cyst nematode. Yet better results will be achieved when Yellow mustard is used as a host plant for root knot nematodes and the tobacco rattle virus. Yellow mustard is also suitable as N-catch crop and easily absorbs nitrogen.