Japanese oats At a glance

Japanese oats (Avena strigosa) is a cereal which is specially used for combatting root lesion nematodes (Pratylenchus penetrans). Japanese oats are resistant to Meloidogyne hapla. The crop provides rapid ground cover and can produces a large amount of dry matter in a short time. Unlike marigolds – a crop that also combats Pratylenchus – Japanese oats are therefore suitable as a successive crop.

Japanese oats are more sensitive to frost than most other cereals. At the first night frosts, it still continues to grow but the crop will not survive a harsh winter. The advantage of this is that the crop does not have to be sprayed to be killed off.

Japanese oats are cultivated like the well-known summer oats. Weed control is perfectly possible with growth substances. Just before flowering is the most effective against Pratylenchus.